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Goga is a family of artists that design and create sustainable wares for the whole family. 

Sun and Moon Organic Changing Pads

Changing pads and sets

Sun and Moon Organic Changing Pads


Sun and Moon Organic Changing Pads


1 organic waterproof changing pad ($25)

Beautiful, durable and machine-washable. 

Pads are great for an on-the-go diaper change or as a gorgeous and easily washed cover for your home changing table. The burp cloths are soft as anything. 

Created by a busy parent who's fast pace required diaper changes amid wildlife, on the livingroom carpet, at friends' homes and at the occasional backyard BBQ. Folds up easily, washes durably even in extra-sanitary cloth diaper washes and can be thrown right into the drier. These are true champions: workhorses for the mess. 

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Changing pad ingredients:

  • beautifully printed organic cotton
  • flannel (for added cushion and absorption)
  • soft, washable waterproof fabric (Eco PUL).

Burp cloths ingredients:

  • beautifully printed organic cotton
  • super soft organic French terry cloth.

Perfect for home + travel + sitters + grandparents + a practical and much appreciated gift 

Designed and sewn by a family of artists in Dorchester, MA