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Goga is a family of artists that design and create sustainable wares for the whole family. 

Mustard Country Apron Dress

Eco Dresses

Mustard Country Apron Dress


Mustard Country Apron Dress


This apron dress is meant to be worn all year round.

Fits approximately ages 2-9 years old.

Swedish inspired + Goga original + reversible + evergrowing + new favorite

Each dress has a reversible lining of a beautiful African cloth, two pockets and jersey straps for extra comfort. Designed and created to last!

Layer with shorts, leggings, jeans, short or long sleeve or no shirt at all. 

Wash in cold water. Dry normal to gentle

Each dress is a one of a kind.

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18" height from bib top to bottom down the middle + 24" at widest point when open. Two Jersey straps approximately 2' long for crossing and tying a bow. Best fit from 2 years old through 9 years old. Known to fit very petite adults.