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Goga is a family of artists that design and create sustainable wares for the whole family. 

Our Story

Sustainable. Original. Fashionable

100% Handmade by us in the USA

Everything we make is a Goga original. Lovingly and thoughtfully designed and created either out of necessity of daily survival parenting or just wanting good design to last and be everything you thought it should be. We hand silkscreen (in our basement) on organic cotton apparel manufactured in the USA. We design, sew and finish all our projects in our sewing studio (in our attic). How lucky are we?!

Some of the ways we will rock your world! We:

  • use sustainable materials: organic +   up-cycled

  • source our raw materials locally + responsibly

  • design for longevity + endurance

  • develop flexible designs to accommodate growing bodies

  • make everything ourselves- in our studios

  • are a sister-owned business 

  • love to have fun + go bold in the most classic sense. We think you'll see that in everything we do!

The longevity and purpose of our designs are critical to us. 



Goga was founded by two sisters, Sierra and Vienna who bare the DNA of many ancestral pioneers who have come before them. They are Ellis Island immigrants and Oregon Trail blazers. Their parents, Bugg and Diane, met at an outdoor rock concert in 1971 and married 6 months later in wooden beaded fringe and long hair. The first family car was a VW bus- hand-painted turquoise by Bugg- followed by a 1983 baby-blue CJ7 Jeep. They transplanted from a home in the shadow of Mount Saint Helens to a peninsula just north of Boston at a tender ages of 6 and 9. After the move east, they spent alternate childhood summers searching tide pools & building hermit crab hotels on the Peninsula or driving endless loops with the go-cart from the onion barns to the peppermint distillery on the family farm back in Washington state.

Sierra and Vienna have always had active creative lives. Creative expressions have ranged into ceramics, textiles, gardening, event planning, writing, designing, urban farming, landscaping, photography and massive home demolition and construction projects.

Surrounded and supported by family, friends and small business owners, Goga was born in 2006- spurred on by the desire to clothe the newest (tiny) family member in some fabulous homemade digs that were meaningful, well designed and thoughtfully expressive. Soon after starting, adult and home wares joined ranks. They put care into the sustainability and longevity of their products. Their restless creativity demands they look at all the possibilities. They hone each product from many explorations and b-side hits along the way. They are always grateful for the feedback and support they receive from their communities.

Sierra has had a long career as an art teacher, an activist and a community organizer. These days she is busy with family, Goga and her a newest business venture- Lusterity. She enjoys creating efficiency in the process of product design and construction and has developed a newly found love of the business side of things. Sierra enjoys working through tedious tasks such as sewing labels on products one by one: “It’s the thank-less early-on progress that gets the ball rolling. It’s like exercise, you can count it down, and it’s worth it.”

Vienna is a full-time sexuality educator at MIT and is passionate about people accessing their best selves in health and pleasure. She is has lived tri-coastally for the last 2 decades- bouncing from Pacific to Atlantic and hailing for a while at the No Coast (midwest). Vienna enjoys spicing up Goga as well as having a long history of making her own clothes with style and flare. She enjoys measuring, cutting and ironing “It’s such a satisfying process- contained, relaxing and stackable- a perfect foil to the mess of the rest of life.”

Luckily when one sister finishes a project step, the other sister is ready for the next step in the process. Together, they keep bees, build, garden, conspire, laugh and create together.